Installation projects for homes and premises

We carry out Architecture Projects in close collaboration with our clients. Starting from the previous ideas of adjusting the needs program to the conditions of the place, we propose different options for distribution and optimization of the spaces, to subsequently develop all the documentation that constitutes an Execution Project and that will be necessary for the correct execution of the works. .

Activity license projects

Our technical team is expert in preparing opening projects for industrial, public, commercial or service sector activities. We justify all the regulations necessary to obtain the requested municipal license.

Safety technicians on construction sites

Personnel specialized in safety and health on construction sites. The objective of these professionals in the prevention sector is to ensure the safe conduct of the activity, whether on the field, in continuous contact with the construction workers; or in the coordination of business activities through continuous contact with the companies involved and the organization of planning meetings that ensure a safe and optimal future of the work.

Construction management

We assume the technical function of directing the material execution of the work and qualitatively and quantitatively controlling the construction and quality of the built.

Technical assistance in works

Expert technicians in construction and demolition of civil works or industrial assembly and disassembly. The objective of the technicians will be to contribute with a specialized point of view when carrying out the work, providing experience, ideas and procedures for solving the most technical issues of these works.

Health and safety coordination in the execution phase

The figure of the Health and Safety Coordinator is of vital importance in any work, being mandatory in the case of works in which more than one company is involved. INMÍNER INGENIERÍA has years and works of experience, putting Engineering personnel at the service of the promoter of the work who, in turn, are Senior Occupational Risk Prevention Technicians.

Delineation and 3D services

In our drafting department, our construction technicians and draftsmen are specialized in creating all types of reports and plans, such as: plans of all types of facilities, current states of buildings and premises, distribution plans, sections, topographical plans with profiles. and sections and even 3D digital visualizations.