Facility design and calculation projects

INMÍNER INGENIERÍA S.L. It has a series of capabilities that make it stand out in the field of electrical installation design, ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, photovoltaics, and other related sectors.

First of all, it is important to mention the company's extensive experience in this type of projects. The professionals who make up the design team have solid technical training and years of experience in the sector, which allows them to tackle any project with a complete guarantee of success. In addition, our staff is in constant training to be able to offer innovative solutions to the request of the design and construction of facilities of any type.

In addition, the company has the most advanced technological resources to carry out the design and planning of the facilities. This allows them to carry out simulations and 3D models that allow them to visualize in detail the operation of the facility before its construction, allowing them to detect possible problems and solve them before they become a real complication.

Another strong point of the company is its commitment to energy efficiency and care for the environment. In its projects, cutting-edge materials and systems are used that reduce energy consumption and, therefore, the emission of polluting gases. In this way, we contribute to the sustainable development of society and the care of the planet.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the customer service that characterizes the company. From the first contact, the design team is involved in the project and is concerned with understanding the client's needs and expectations, to offer tailored solutions that meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. Our proposals provide the added values of innovation and safety, with cost optimization always present.

In short, the company has the necessary capabilities to design electrical installations, fire protection, air conditioning and other related areas, and does so in an efficient, sustainable and customer-committed manner.

Equipment design and manufacturing

Our company has a highly qualified team in the design of mining machines. First of all, it is important to highlight the company's experience in machine design. The professionals who make up the design team have solid technical training and years of experience in the sector, which allows them to tackle any project with a complete guarantee of success.

In addition, the use of advanced design tools, such as SOLIDWORKS, one of the leading programs in the design of machines and mechanical systems, allows them to create virtual models of the machines with great precision and detail, allowing them to detect possible problems and solve them. before they become a real complication.

Secondly, the company has its own manufacturing capacity, which allows it to have full control over the production process. The professionals who work in the workshop have extensive experience in machine manufacturing and use advanced technologies to ensure the quality of the final product. This allows them to offer tight delivery times and competitive prices, without compromising quality.

Finally, it is important to highlight the company's ability to obtain the corresponding CE MARKING for its machines. The CE MARKING is a legal obligation in the European Union for any product that is marketed in its territory, and guarantees that the product complies with the safety and quality standards required by European legislation. The company has the necessary technical knowledge to ensure that its machines meet all legal requirements, allowing them to offer their customers a safe and quality product.

In summary, the company has solid experience in the design and manufacture of machines, thanks to the use of advanced design tools such as SOLIDWORKS, its own manufacturing capacity and its ability to obtain the corresponding CE MARKING. All this allows them to offer their clients high quality, safe and competitive products in the market.

Petrochemical Industry

Our company is dedicated to offering specialized solutions for the petrochemical industry. In this sense, we have extensive experience in the design and adaptation of facilities, production lines and specific machinery that comply with industrial and Atex safety regulations and standards.

Industrial safety is one of the main concerns of the petrochemical industry. In this sense, we offer specialized services for the design and implementation of security measures, contingency plans and evacuation plans. In this way, our clients can have safer and more efficient facilities.

Regarding the design of Atex facilities, we are in charge of the planning and execution of projects to adapt petrochemical facilities to Atex regulations and application. We have a team of professionals specialized in the matter who are in charge of adapting the facilities to current regulations.

The adaptation of production lines is another of the activities we carry out. In this, we are in charge of the planning, design and execution of projects to adapt the direction of production lines to guarantee efficiency and safety in production processes.

In addition, we also specialize in the design and manufacture of flushing machines, which allow cleaning and purging pipes and fluid systems. These machines are essential to maintain the useful life of such complex equipment as compressors, motors, etc., thanks to preventive maintenance.

Finally, we offer calculation services for instrumentation installations for measuring and controlling parameters, such as pressure, temperature or flow. This allows us to guarantee efficiency and quality in production processes.

In summary, we offer specialized solutions in the petrochemical industry, all with the aim of guaranteeing efficiency and safety in our clients' production processes.

Industrial dismantling

The dismantling of an industrial facility, such as a power plant or a chemical plant, is a complex process that requires careful and detailed planning. In Inminer ING. We have extensive experience in drafting industrial plant disassembly projects, where common disassembly guidelines are generally always followed:

  1. Conduct a detailed installation assessment: Before beginning disassembly, it is important to carry out a detailed installation assessment. This evaluation should include a review of the original plans and designs, as well as a physical inspection of the site. You should also evaluate the current state of the facility and determine which parts of the plant can be reused, recycled, or disposed of.

  2. Design a detailed disassembly plan: Once the installation has been evaluated, a detailed disassembly plan must be designed that includes a schedule, budget, and work team. This plan must take into account the environmental and safety risks associated with disassembly, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

  3. Dismantle equipment and machinery: The dismantling of an industrial plant generally begins with the removal of the equipment and machinery from the facility. This may include turbines, generators, transformers and other heavy equipment. It is important that proper safety procedures are followed during this process and that proper lifting and carrying equipment is used.

  4. Dismantle infrastructure and structures: Once the equipment and machinery have been removed from the facility, you can begin to dismantle the infrastructure and structures of the plant. This may include buildings, platforms, pipes, wiring and
    otros componentes.

  5. Recycle and dispose of materials: After industrial plant equipment and structures have been removed, materials must be recycled or disposed of in accordance with applicable waste and environmental conditions. Some materials can be recycled, while others must be disposed of safely.

  6. Restore the site: Once the disassembly of the industrial plant has been completed, it is important to restore the site to its original state or to a state suitable for reuse. This may include debris removal, land restoration
    y la limpieza del sitio.

In general, the dismantling of an industrial facility such as a power plant or chemical plant requires careful planning and precise execution to ensure it is carried out safely and efficiently.

Fire protection installation projects

The INMÍNER INGENIERÍA team carries out a study prior to drafting the project and determines the needs of the installation. With these starting data, a project is drafted that will ensure that the establishment strictly complies with current fire protection regulations.

However, in general, the capabilities for calculating fire protection installations in industrial establishments include the following:

Technical knowledge: Our company has a team of engineers and technicians with solid knowledge of fire protection regulations and codes. This will allow them to evaluate potential risks and design appropriate and efficient solutions.

Experience: Industry experience is essential for success in the calculation of fire protection installations. Professionals with previous experience in similar projects will be able to anticipate potential challenges and propose innovative solutions:

  • Tools and technology: It is important to have design tools and up-to-date technology to calculate and model fire protection solutions, such as calculation and design software for sprinkler systems, fire detection systems and other active protection systems.

  • Teamwork: An interdisciplinary team working closely together, including electrical, mechanical and structural engineers, can ensure that the design is comprehensive, efficient and meets regulatory requirements.

  • Quality processes: Our company has quality control processes that guarantee that the designed installation meets quality standards and requirements. Design review by other team members and implementation of fire scenario testing and simulations is good practice.

  • Regulatory compliance: It is essential to have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of fire protection regulations, standards and codes, and ensure that designs comply with local and national requirements.

En resumen, contamos con un equipo de profesionales experimentados y altamente capacitados, herramientas y tecnologías actualizadas, procesos de calidad y un fuerte enfoque en el cumplimiento normativo.

Instrumentation projects

As a company specialized in this sector, we attach importance not only to the correct design of systems in any field, but also to their control and monitoring.

Once the client's needs are defined, our team of engineers designs a customized solution using advanced technologies and the latest generation of equipment. We ensure that every aspect of the project is designed to meet the client's specific requirements, as well as to maximize efficiency and safety.

After designing the solution, our team of instrumentation experts works collaboratively with the client's team to implement the solution. During this phase, our engineers ensure that each instrument is installed and configured correctly, and that necessary testing is performed to ensure everything is working optimally.

In short, our approach to instrumentation is a complete process that begins with understanding the customer's needs and culminates with a customized solution designed to maximize efficiency and safety. Our team of experts works collaboratively with the client to implement and maintain the solution on an ongoing basis.

Delineation services

Thanks to the training of our staff, we offer plan drafting services that adapt to the needs of each client. Our team of design and technical drawing experts has the experience necessary to create accurate and detailed plans for any type of project.

Our plan drafting process begins with gathering the information necessary for the project, including old plans, customer specifications, and site requirements. Our team then uses advanced computer-aided design (CAD) technologies to create detailed, accurate drawings that meet industry standards.

We ensure our plans are accurate and designed for construction efficiency. Our team of experts checks and reviews each drawing to ensure it is ready for construction, minimizing errors and maximizing project efficiency.

At all times, our team works collaboratively with the client to ensure that the plans meet their specific expectations and requirements. We strive to maintain open and transparent communication throughout the plat process, from information gathering to final approval.